Identify Azure Orphaned Volumes

Detecting orphaned volumes (disks which are not attached to any virtual machine) can become a challenging endeavor, especially when faced with an environment containing thousands of virtual machines. Luckily, Azure Resource Graph allows users to easily identify orphaned volumes across their entire Azure estate.

Map EC2 Snapshots to EBS Volumes and EC2 Instances

When working with AWS Backup, it can sometimes (often) become difficult to correlate which EBS Volume or EC2 Instance generated each Snapshot (and subsequently is responsible for its cost), especially since the AWS Cost and Usage Report can include millions of line items for large enterprises.

Blogging with Hugo and Azure: Part 2

When developing software, or creating a website, there are important metrics to consider when evaluating the success of the product. These include consistency and cadence of releases, number of failures per change, and overall availability.